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Do you know how to test planomiller's accuracy?

In modern society, the use of machine tools has is very common, especially in recent years to emerge out of several high-precision machine tools. But because of this, maintenance problems that he had snubbed the beguiling gantry milling machine work is a frequent problem. Rangyuan-way machine tools below to tell us about what is going on.
when we use when milling operations, we must operate strictly in accordance with the appropriate procedures, but also to check for voltage and power. If we boot five minutes later show everything was no problem, then we can begin normal operations. Automatic lubrication system to open, see if guide protection work, and oil, and when shut, to Yuan Tong cleared the dirt produced by the machine, to grease the rails and table, and then turn off the power, only attention to detail can have high accuracy gantry milling machine.
usually we said of efficient actually is see this Taiwan machine he of eat knife volume big is unlikely to, certainly has gantry milling machine he of force is depends on engine of, for he of silk rod is not forget of, if silk Rod no reached requirements or too fine words, power on will variable big, and speed also soon, this when he of eat knife volume on will compared big, but silk Rod also has may is will fracture of, so we also to consider to silk Rod he of bear capacity.