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What is characteristic of milling machine he

We know about gantry milling machines are, that small part in that we no longer do that, if you have friends interested in can focus on other aspects of our gantry milling machines are introduced. Today we mainly want to say this gantry milling machine milling-related content, hoping to give you help, contents of Yuan Tong machinery for us all.
first we said this gantry milling machine for his operations, we must use the plate with the appropriate tools to give him work clamp, the tool must be clamped before they can drive. In front of the job, we need to check his driving of the machine tool, and then run in and of course also the bezel installed. When we want to when you move the Workbench or tool, we'll give him the fixed screws loosen, when cutting, cannot be used for variable speed and adjustments to the tool.
then we have to say this gantry milling machine of his performance, his rigid gantry milling very well, and is very efficient, because he has a simple structure, so we are very convenient to handle. Gantry milling machine when he is on the black or non-ferrous metal parts by horizontal or vertical or inclined plane milling, of course we can according to user's need for improvement of the boring and drilling.