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Reading boring quality and stability

A friend asked Xiao bian, said quality and stability of boring if we can adjust it? Small could not answer, but fortunately the Yuan Tong machinery help or small series can be embarrassing. In fact, we can use the boring head boring bar adjusted according to corresponding gaps, so that we can achieve our demands.
we can use the rotation of the gears, makes him more closely, how to produce better and use. We used at the time is also very convenient, can be more boring bars heads of manufacturing. We can be selected according to different needs and the cutter head that we need. In order to solve the boring of cylinder block and cylinder pin, so the design has a simple boring equipment.
when we are in process of time, we have to put the work into boring, place the workpiece in a reasonable place. Wait until after we corrected, then let the tool operates at the boring bar and boring table locked after the PIN. If we use this configuration to generate cylinder, he is very good. Because of his rigid boring bar is better, and less prone to bending.