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Discussion on the method of using NC gantry milling machine

Do you use CNC gantry milling machine? You know when we use CNC milling operations, we should pay attention to anything? Have friends that the security right is safe. No matter in what security is very important. Yuan Tong machinery will tell us exactly how to manipulate this CNC gantry milling machine.
1. when milling parts when in operation, particularly in relatively coarse milling, we're going to start cutting slowly.
2. needs to be part of the job we use plate or specialized tools to clamp his, we use the spanner without casing, you can prevent him from falling off.
3. Not while driving to work, the tool must be clamped parts.
4. when we cut when tool cannot be used for variable speed has to be adjusted, also can not use hands to touch.
5. in carrying out the operation, we have to check the machine first, also the bezel installed before operation.
6. If you want to disassemble the tool, then we have to beat with the copper hammer or mallet to prevent cutter fragments flying.
7. to move table so we have to put the screws to loosen.