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Relevant elements of the brief floor type milling and boring machine

Do you know about floor type milling and boring machine? He is capable of high-speed processing of bored shaft-free RAM, also has a lot of milling head Exchange, so that his structure was very rich. Variety of milling head has become a composite of processing techniques, his better performance and greater power. Yuan Tong machinery to give you brief floor boring and milling characteristics.
floor boring and milling machine he is used for processing some parts of his milling range is very large, especially in power there were on the cutting edge. However in the Yuan Tong development of boring and milling machine tools, many processes are changing. Modern boring and milling process is moving in the direction of the high speed and high efficiency in development. His greatest
boring and milling characteristics is his high speed milling and is RAM type, and there are a lot of different accessories combined with the use of the performance, his structural advantage lies in his RAM has a very fast speed, is also very good rigidity, section is large enough, can be easily installed in the attachment. Main milling head and high speed boring and milling head of double pendulum, his boring and milling and processing to maximize range, it also accelerates the rate of job to a large extent.