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And TX69A TX69 boring and milling boring and milling

Today we are going to talk about the TX69 boring and milling machine and structure and characteristics of TX69A boring and milling. In order to help them to understand the content, small Yuan Tong machinery was to confer with staff, where is the hope that we can be satisfied with the answer.
we TX69 for boring and milling, his character is more, shall I say he has a manual and automatic feed method, the operation is more convenient. He's leading rail using plastic technology, so that you can exercise reduce friction, he also has good vibration absorption and vibration characteristics. His driving accuracy is relatively high, can obtain good lubrication.
then we have to say TX69A for boring and milling characteristics of his spindle temperature cooling, this can reduce the bearing temperature, in order to ensure the accuracy of the spindle. In boring and milling machine milling head is very important, he is a straight line guide rail, zinc-alloy wear-resistant materials, are there any noises of high speed transmission, there is no oil spill situation. In the headstock, and he uses the constant temperature of oil spray lubrication and tool-box for used oil and oil spills.