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TXK63110 CNC boring machine components

Us says a lot about the introduction of CNC boring machine, floor CNC boring machine information, you might think were too vague, so we present an example to give you a look at today's special, TXK63110 CNC boring machine so that we can come from understanding CNC boring machine. Below rangyuan pass machine to give us introduce to you.
CNC boring machine is a large device, common boring machine drill, he was feed per revolution, but the machine center is feed per minute and boring and the centripetal force is very good, his RAM can reach is long, so we often used to process high precision hole.
CNC boring machine is mainly consists of five aspects:
1. feeding servo system: he can be completed according to the set procedures in place to feed, he has a linear feed movements there are two rotating movements.
2. headstock: rotary cutter, his speed and torque output have great effects on the processing.
3. auxiliary equipment: such as lubricating and pneumatic, hydraulic, cooling systems and other protective equipment.
4. control system: he is a control center, CNC machining and machine tools feed.
5. Machine tool components: generally refers to the column, base and beam, which is a basic device.

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