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Technical support
technical support
service goal: where our machines, you'll find our professional services
after-sale service purpose: market-oriented, demand for
service concept: timely, efficient, standardized, comprehensive, high quality
Thank you for purchasing machine Shandong Sheng machine tool equipment, products! In order to protect your legal rights, Shandong Sheng machine co made the following warranty service commitment to you, and when you need it from our offices or technical specialists to provide you with:
1. All products produced are numbered register, establishment of user files, queries on the relevant product information at our Web site, you can also your comments directly to our website or call our hotline to complain, the company will timely after-sale customer.
2. The product warranty for one year and lifetime maintenance. During the warranty period, if not quality, but due to damage caused by improper use of the user, then replace the accessories customer's expense.
3. Outside the warranty period, and in addition shall bear the costs of parts needs to be replaced, but also have to bear the travel expenses and working hours of maintenance personnel.
, can not enjoy the warranty is not in accordance with the contents of the manual use, maintenance, custody and cause malfunction or damage.
not my company maintenance personnel maintenance, man-made causes which lead to equipment failure or corrupt
products on the machine model and serial number and the number on the machine and incompatible with the products of our company.
due to force majeure (earthquake, fire, flood, etc) as well as social issues such as war, riots, acts of Government, failure or damage caused while in normal use.